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Ageless Male

Ageless Male is a male enhancement supplement that claims to naturally increase testosterone levels by 61% so you’re within in a “healthy, normal range.” This will restore proper male bodily function including alleviating mood swings, improving energy, libido and sperm count, enhancing focus and concentation, and increasing muscle tone and fat loss. All without unwanted side effects.

If you’re a maturing male who is experiencing the negative effects of diving testosterone levels, Ageless Male may be worth looking at…

What Ingredients Are Used In Ageless Male?

Ageless Male contains Astaxatin and Saw Palmetto in a 800 mg “Proprietary Blend.” These are both natural ingredients that are meant to boost testosterone levels and prevent the conversion of testosterone into hormones, DHT and Estrodial.

DHT and Estrodial can cause hair loss, prostate issues and feminization. By preventing this conversion, Ageless Male claims to regulate sex drive, sperm count, mood, concentration, weight gain and muscle loss.

What Makes Ageless Male Unique?

Most male enhancement pills only focus on sexual satisfaction. However, Ageless Male targets all the side effects that come with decreased testosterone. A loss in testosterone is not only responsible for a decrease in sexual activity, but can cause many other side effects as listed above. Ageless Male claims to improve your overall health and not just your sex life.

Does Ageless Male Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Ageless Male offers a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your results. We only suggest buying products that offer a refund as male enhancement products are not created equal, and body’s differ. In other words, what works for one man may not work for another.

Is Ageless Male Worth Buying?

Ageless Male seems like a good natural option if you are trying to regulate your testosterone levels. But is it effective? Ageless Male provides their own customer reviews which claim that it does raise testosterone and help prevent the symptoms that come with a lack of testosterone. The only customer reviews available are posted by Ageless Male, so we can’t base an opinion off of them.

Another problem is New Vitality the makers of Ageless Male, fail to adequately explain their ingredients. They claim that Ageless Male will raise testosterone by 61% but provide no clinical studies or data to prove their claims. Saw Palmetto and Astaxatin are two natural ingredients that may boost testosterone but are not clinically proven to.

Potential customers should also be aware that if they decide to purchase Ageless Male, they will automatically be enrolled into an “auto ship program” which ships new product every 90 days, and charges their credit card $79.90 plus S&H. Customers must immediately cancel after ordering to avoid this program.

Overall, Ageless Male may be a good product but it does not provide enough proven information to make a decision and it seems like a hassle to purchase. We suggest you keep looking.

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Thanks for looking!

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Ageless Male Customer Reviews

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Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) & Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF) levels are more ipidectrve of body hair growth than testosterone itself. However, if you have thick body hair that quickly regrows after shaving, you probably have a good amount of DHT &/or IGF.Talk to a bodybuilder who competes- he could address your question from a similar vantagepoint.

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