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Argi-Vive III

Argi-Vive IIIDo you drink plenty of water? How about pills? Do you hate swallowing pills?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, Argi-Vive III may be the male enhancement product for you.

Containing a huge 3000 mg dosage of nitric oxide-producing L-Arginine, Argi-Vive III offers to increase blood flow, strength and hardness to the penis, give you energy and stamina to spare, and feel as lusty as you did in your youth.

All by adding a packet of Argi-Vive III “drink mix” to your water twice daily!

So if you’re looking for a safe and natural alternative to male enhancement, and you like what you’re hearing…keep reading!

The Argi-Vive III Ingredients

In addition to 3000 mg’s of L-Arginine, Argi-Vive III offers the following herbal ingredients:

Panex Ginseng–improves nitric oxide levels for better blood circulation, heightened energy, stamina and physical desire.
Catuaba Bark– increases libido and energy levels so you have the stamina to please your partner.
Epimedium’s– AKA “Horny Goat Weed” is known to be an all-natural aphrodisiac, improving lust and sexual desire.
Muira Puama– offers “long chain fatty acids” for health and well-being and improved desire and libido.
Ashwagandha Plant– for a healthy heart and renewed energy and sexual vigor.
Gotu Kola–improves circulation so blood is pumping faster to your extremities.

How Much is Argi-Vive III?

A one month supply of Argi-Vive III is $49.95. But if you order three month’s you get another three months free for $99.95!

Also there is an “autoship” option where you automatically get sent a new package once a month. This convenient way to order is only $19.95.

(Just remember how hard it is to back out of autoship options.)

The Argi-Vive III Refund Policy

Argi-Vive III is backed by a money back guarantee. Apparently you “simply return unused portions and any unopened boxes back to the company for a full refund.”

Unfortunately the official site fails to give other return information. If you purchase, you may be stuck with Argi-Vive III!

Argi-Vive III Safety

A 3000 mg of L-Arginine is a big dose. And consider this—if your blood flow is increased, what else will go up? That’s right—your blood pressure.

If you have health concerns, you’re better off avoiding Argi-Vive III. Or run it by your physician before supplementing.

Our Take On Argi-Vive III

Although we like the unique and fast-acting Argi-Vive III delivery, and the large dose of proven L-Arginine, the lack of professional website, return information, and consumer testimonials give us pause.

And what about six ingredients inside a 340 mg Proprietary Blend? That’s just asking for trouble. Do you really believe you’ll be receiving enough of each individually?

We somehow doubt it.

You are much better off looking for male enhancement relief right here on maleenhancementproduct.org where we guarantee your erectile and sexual success!

Good luck!

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Have You Used Argi-Vive III? Share Your Experience With Others!