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EnerX is a little bit of a confusing male enhancement product. It is now called Vaxitrol. Vaxitrol was reprimanded by the FDA and recalled for using an illegal dangerous ingredient. The version of Enerx (Vaxitrol) that is for sale on the internet does not contain this ingredient.

Keep reading to find out about what is in Enerx (Vaxitrol).


The ingredients of Enerx (Vaxitrol) are not overly impressive. Horny Goat Weed and Yohimbe are the most effective known ingredients which will increase your blood flow and libido. The rest of the ingredients are thought to work as aphrodisiacs but are not concretely known to provide performance enhancing results.

• Niacin
• Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium extract 10%)
• Cordyceps extract
• Yohimbe
• Schizandra Berry
• Rehmannia Root
• Korean Ginseng
• Bombyx Mori Extract
• Oyster Extract
• Ginger Root extract

Does EnerX Have Any Side Effects?

Enerx (Vaxitrol) should not have any side effects. However, the FDA found that Vaxitrol was using an illegal dangerous ingredient that could put nitrates users at risk of dangerously low blood pressure. While this version of Enerx (Vaxitrol) does not contain the illegal ingredient, it is hard to trust them at their word.

Does EnerX Have Satisfied Customers?

The customers of Enerx (Vaxitrol) all seem very satisfied. However, these customers could have tried the illegal version of the male enhancement product.

“I can’t believe the new man I am. At 58, I have the sex drive I had when I was 18 and 28. I found what was missing the last 10 years. I can go all night now and we both love it.”

“After being married for over 25 years, love making wasn’t the same. The desire was gone. The performance wasn’t the same, but after taking EnerX, I felt and acted like I did the first few years. I looked forward to making love, two or three times a night…”

“Our whole life is different. He has more energy. There is more foreplay and lovemaking. And he lasts a lot longer than he used to. EnerX is great.”

“I have to respond to your product as I am a 56 year old healthy male with a 34 year old sex demanding woman. I have never experienced anything like it ever. Your product and the gal…I can’t believe what has happened, but I am not changing a thing. Believe me, it works. Beyond what I expected.”

“We used to make love two or three times a month, now we are doing it two and three times a week.”


Although the customers seem to be really happy with the results that they saw, this is not enough proof to go on to spend $30 with no money back guarantee. We also have no way to know of these customers used the old version of Enerx (Vaxitrol) which contained the illegal ingredient.

Overall, I do not think that the ingredients are strong enough to recommend that you spend $30 when there is no guarantee. Also, I do not suggest buying from a company that is shady enough to illegally use dangerous ingredients that need a prescription for a reason.

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