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Growth Male Enhancement Liquid

GrowthWhen you think of a male enhancement product you often think of a cream or pill supplement that will help enlarge your penis and give you a longer, harder erection. However, manufacturers of Growth Male Enhancement Liquid claim that a liquid can give you a more potent version of these male enhancement products.

Growth Male Enhancement Liquid claims to be able to enhance your penis, give you a longer and stronger erection and better overall sexual health. Let’s take a closer look and see if Growth has what it takes to give you the results you’re looking for.


Growth Male Enhancement Liquid uses herbs in liquid extract form in order to get the most from the ingredients. These ingredients are: Cayenne, Licorice Extract, Chinese Ginseng Root, Mushrooms Cordycept Mushrooms, Kava Root and Stevia. Because of the bitter, hot taste of the main ingredients stevia has been included as a sweetener.

The main function of the key active ingredients is to increase blood flow and circulation which allows for an increased and more powerful erection that will last until you are ready for ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

What We Like about Growth Male Enhancement Liquid

We like that Growth Male Enhancement Liquid has taken the time to look further into the method of liquid extraction and have included all natural ingredients to ensure that there are no negative side-effects that can be seen.

Additionally, the price of Growth Male Enhancement Liquid is only $34.95 per bottle which should last at least a month. Each serving size is only 3-6 squirts depending on your preferences. You may want to use more or less depending on your individual needs.

What We Dislike about Growth Male Enhancement Liquid

We haven’t been able to find any clinical research for this product. This type of research is often times necessary for a product to receive a recommendation from us. Additionally, we find it unfortunate that there are not many consumer reviews available for Growth Male Enhancement Liquid.

Even if there are no clinical trials, consumers will often purchase a product based only on consumer reviews and without either of these things we don’t feel that there is a lot of conclusive evidence that this product will work as promised.

This also leaves us in the dark about whether or not the claim of no side-effects will ring true.

We don’t like that there is no satisfaction guarantee included with the purchase of Growth Male Enhancement Liquid.

Additionally, on the product label there are warnings against using this product while you are pregnant, which is slightly confusing since it is a product for men.

Overall Impression

We are not impressed with this product. We feel that it has no proven itself well enough to receive a recommendation. Even though this product has great ingredients we feel that it doesn’t have enough research to produce results and we believe there are other products that have been more proven to work.

We would suggest choosing one of these other products before even considering purchasing Growth Male Enhancement Liquid.

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Have You Used Growth Male Enhancement Liquid? Share Your Experience With Others!