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Libido Max for Women

Libido Max for WomenYep. Men aren’t the only ones who deal with sexual issues. Ever heard the immortal phrase “Not tonight, I’ve got a headache,” uttered by your partner? She’s suffering with lack of libido too.

Turn her back on with Libido Max for Women. Formulated just for her, Libido Max for Women promises to:

• Peak her sexual interest
• Stimulate her physically, mentally and emotionally
• Increase her sexual pleasure and orgasm capacity

And the nice aspect of Libido Max for Women is its all-natural formula comprised of herbs and botanicals.

So if you’re on the market for both a male enhancement product for you, and something to keep her sexually interested, Libido Max for Women may fulfill the latter requirement.

And it may not. Keep reading…

What’s Under the Libido Max for Women Lid?

Libido Max for Women is comprised of several proprietary blends. Here they are with a few ingredient highlights:

Stimulating Arousal Blend 698 mg–includes Maca Powder (Root) and Ashwagandha Powder (Root) for heightened sexual arousal and increased blood flow to the extremities. This can improve her sensitivity and ability to orgasm. Asian Ginseng Extract is also included in this blend for its abilities to heighten desire and sexual energy and stamina.
Passion & Desire Blend 588 mg–uses Epimedium (epimedium sagittatum), otherwise known as “Horny Goat Weed Extract, a natural aphrodisiac that works to improve mood and alleviate stress making sexual desire more obtainable. Also included in this blend is Tribulus Extract which lowers stress levels, and causes sexual aggression. L Tyrosine places you in a sensual, relaxed state. The interesting aspect of (the majority) of these ingredients is their ability to increase testosterone levels. We’re not sure your woman needs her hormones meddled with.
Pleasure Enhancing Blend 465 mg–contains the likes of Long Pepper Extract and DMG that act as a potent “sexual tonic” to place her firmly in the mood.

Will Libido Max for Women Work?

Many of the ingredients in Libido Max for Women are commonly used in male enhancement products, and successfully, due to their ability to raise testosterone levels. Testosterone in men keeps you strong and virile, and sexually aggressive.

In a product for women however, we’re a little leery. Plus we don’t really like the “Proprietary Blend” delivery. Prop blends allow for too much error in dosage effectiveness.

How Much Does Libido Max for Women Cost?

Libido Max by Applied Nutrition is sold through third-party retailers and available at around $23.99 per bottle—a one month supply.

This is inexpensive, but remember–you get what you pay for.

Also consider you probably will not receive a refund on Libido Max for Women.

What Do Consumers Say?

“I used the product as directed, finished about half the bottle before giving up on it. I didn’t notice anything at all.” ~ Bounteous, Delaware County, PA

This is the trend for almost all consumer testimonials for Libido Max for Women.

Should You Purchase Libido Max for Women?

We wouldn’t recommend Libido Max for Women simply because of negative testimonials and the ingredient delivery.

There are far more effective female libido products out there.

And if you’re purchasing one for you, you should probably get one for her also. It takes two to tango, after all.

Have you used Libido Max for Women? Click Here to share your opinion with others or Click Here to read Libido Max for Women customer reviews.

Have You Used Libido Max for Women? Share Your Experience With Others!