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The effects of menopause are vast and leave you feeling like, well less of a woman. Whether you suffer from serious hot flashes, loss of sex drive or emotional mood swings none of it as easy and often times it can feel as if there is well, no relief. With hormone replacement therapy now viewed as too risky for use in most women, interest in natural approaches to controlling menopause symptoms has increased dramatically over the past number of years. That means, if you have been considering seeking help to battle the effects of menopause a natural solution like Menoquil may be just the solution you have been looking for.

Menoquil claims to be a scientifically advanced multi-action formula that has been designed to provide effective natural results faster than just about any treatment on the market today. Menoquil means you can get fast acting results without all the risky pharmaceuticals and synthetic hormones other treatment include. You see most supplements on the market today merely address hot flashes, weight gain and insomnia, the Menoquil formula however treats all aspects of menopause thanks to the completeness of the formula. Let’s take a closer look at the facts behind this formula to find out if it’s the right treatment for you.

What Is Menoquil Formulated To Do?

• Reduces the frequency and severity of hot flashes
• Brings estrogen and progesterone levels back into balance
• Works to maintain bone density and strength
• Provides relief from common menopause symptoms such as sleep disturbances, night sweats, and loss of sex drive
• Addresses the emotional side effects of menopause, including mood swings, irritability, and anxiety

How Do You Use Menoquil?

It is recommended that you take two Menoquil tablets twice daily with a full glass of water, once in the morning about fifteen minutes before your first mean and follow it up with two tablets again about one hour every night about an hour before you go to sleep. This dosage is relatively extravagant and requires a good amount of work on your end compared to a treatment that would only require you take it once daily or a few minutes prior to sexual activity.

How Does Menoquil Provide Results?

Menoquil is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that works to address every aspect of menopause you may come across as well as a wide range of other health concerns for an aging woman such as loss of sex drive and loss of bone density. The active ingredients include Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Calcium, Green Tea Leaf as well as a variety of exotic fruit extracts that work as natural aphrodisiacs. All ingredients have been formulated by the FDA and approved to be safe for daily consumption.

Menoquil Final Thoughts

Overall Menoquil seems to be a promising choice and we recommend you consider it in your search for a natural treatment for menopause. The supplement is low cost and the formulators even offer a risk free sixty day trial making it an easy investment for first time buyers to make.

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