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Urinozinc’s benefits aren’t exactly what you would guess from a supplement in the male enhancement category. In fact, its only sexual application is that it can make ejaculation less painful for those with an enlarged prostate. This is because Urinozinc is formulated to combat the side effects associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. Specifically, this supplements has been designed to avoid difficulty starting urination, strengthen urine stream, relieve pain during urination, and decreasing the urgency and frequency of urinating at night. These are symptoms that strike millions of men each year. Is Urinozinc really something that can help?


This supplement is made from some decent ingredients. Several of its compounds are included to just stop symptoms while others are included to help reverse the cause of these symptoms. Overall, they become a blend that provides decent overall benefit. To relieve urinary symptoms associated with BPH, Urinozinc has included Pygeum Africanum Extract and Pumpkin Seed Extract. These alone do not reverse the enlargement of the prostate. In fact, it is not known how these extracts work inside the body but clinical studies have shown that they do effectively relieve bladder pressure, preventing several urinary problems.

To stop the continued enlargement of the prostate, Urinozinc has included a does of Zinc and Saw Palmetto. Zinc is abundantly found within the prostate naturally. Some clinical testing has shown that replenshing the body’s Zinc through supplementation has been able to stop the prostate’s enlargement and in some cases reduce its swelling. Saw Palmetto on the other hand, has been shown to stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT. DHT is a hormone that is specifically resposnisble for BPH. By limiting the amount of DHT in the body, Saw Palmetto becomes the star ingredient in Urinozinc’s formula.


Overall, we think that Urinozinc’s formula is pretty solid. It’s a little pricey but it should definitely yield some substantial benefits. If you’re looking for some relief from BPH urinary symptoms we have no qualms recommending a closer look into this product.

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