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Get an erection that is bigger, harder, and longer lasting. V Maxx is a natural male enhancement that is supposed to give you these benefits in about 30 minutes and last up to 36 hours.

V Maxx contains natural herbs, minerals, and essential amino acids that are absorbed into the bloodstream. The herbs are supposed to produce energy, relaxation, sexual arousal and erection enhancement in a natural way.

VMaxx doesn’t provide much information on their website other than the claim that they are number one with their customers in the male enhancement department. They don’t have a money back guarantee, clinical test results, or customer testimonies.

You don’t need a prescription to buy VMaxx and it is priced reasonably. VMaxx offers a sample (1 capsule) for a small price if you want to see how well it works before buying a full supply.

The ingredients in the VMaxx formula are not the most common ones you would find in a good male enhancement. They may offer some benefits for anxiety, but the formula doesn’t include good ingredients like L-Arginine or Horny Goat Weed that are used to provide better erections.

What’s in VMaxx?

There are seven ingredients total in a Proprietary Blend 350mg per capsule.

• Bombyx Mori L. Extract: works to naturally energize your body and boost sex drive.

• Wild Yam Extract: used as a sex tonic for men, helps relax muscles, lowers blood pressure (temporarily), and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.

• Siberia Ginseng Extract: good for fighting stress, gives a boost in energy, improves concentration, and increases immune system function.

• White Willow Extract: increases blood flow, which allows vasodilators and hormonal stimulators to work better, also used as a pain reliever.

• Jujube Extract: reduces stress and anxiety.

• Cayenne Extract: stimulates blood circulation.

• Stinging Nettles Extract: blood cleanser, beneficial for the prostate, and helps the natural flow of testosterone.

Does VMaxx Work?

The men who have tried VMaxx claim that it works great for them. One said it worked FAST and he will continue using it. Although one said it did nothing for him. All in all, there were more positive than negative results from those how have tried V Maxx.

How Much Does VMaxx Cost

VMaxx does not sell directly from their website, but they have a link that will take you to A-1 Supplements to purchase a pack of 5 capsules for $14.95.

This is probably the lowest price you will find anywhere. VMaxx is sold on many internet sites and from retail stores according to the website.

There is a sample pack (1 capsule) for $6.00 (sale price) if you want to try it before investing in a larger quantity.

Does VMaxx Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

It doesn’t look like there is any type of guarantee if you don’t get the results that are promised. But, since VMaxx is priced decent you aren’t losing much if it doesn’t work for you.

Final Thoughts on VMaxx

Some side effects may occur with VMaxx, including headache and indigestion.

Also, it is suggested that before taking VMaxx you should consult a doctor if you currently have heath issues or taking other medications.

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